NatureWise(a certified trademark of Bushnuts Australia). NatureWise like 'Organic' methods of farming revolves around the improvement and sustainable use of our agricultural land. Organic farming is a move away from modern farming methods to those used before the age of chemical fertilisers and manufactured insecticides. The NatureWise principle uses no insecticides (natural or man made), instead preditor species are used to control pests.

Organics - We are currently 'Certified Organic' with ACO & BFA.

Pest Control - We follow the principles of Integrated Pest Management, but instead of using sprays to control pests we use preditors. For example, grass and other plants in the orchard are allowed to grow and flower in the interrow area. This is to provide habitat and a food source for adult lacewings so they will remain in the orchard. Lace wings offer good control of many pest species and can assist in controlling lacebug. In other open grassed areas of the farm we capture native lacewings which are then released into the orchard. If necessary we also purchase and release lace wings into pest hot spots. These conditions also encourage parasitic waspes to inhabit the orchard. These waspes parasitise the eggs of nut borer, green vegetable bug and spotting bug.

Weed control - The canopy has been skirted to allow under tree mowing. No Herbicides are used in the orchard.

Fertilising - composted chicken manure and crushed rock products are used to fertilise the orchard. Organic matter is grown in the inter rows and thrown under the trees as mulch out of nut picking season. Hut husk is composted and returned to the orchard.

Naturewise is a registered trademark of Bushnuts Australia.