Bushnuts Australia

Our plantation was established in 1995 on a lantana covered block of land located in the Tuntable Valley near Nimbin in the Northern Rivers, NSW Australia. The farm covers approx 45 acres of land with about 30 acres being planted to Macadamias. Approx 5 acres is natural bushland and rainforest, 3 acres Bunya Pine Plantation and 5-10 acres open grassland which is used to breed lacewings.
The Tuntable Valley ends at Mount Nardi which is located within the Nightcap National Park. The plantation is surrounded by wet sclerophyll forest and areas of rainforest.
Organics - We commenced conversion to certifed organic status in 2008 and are currently 'Certified organic with 'Australian Certifed Organic (ACO)'. We have previously followed many of the principles of Organic farming. We do not spray any chemical or natural occuring insecticides on our farm. We also only fertilize with composted animal manures and crushed rock products.
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